Rachel (aka the Calligraphy Queen)

Hi friends!  I’m Rachel.  I currently live in Baltimore, MD and am a full-time nanny for the 2 cutest kids around (I’m not even joking–THE CUTEST).  I also run an etsy shop called writtenforyou which features my handwritten cursive on cards, prints, and a few other goodies.  


I am a great lover of all things oreo, coffee, wine, and brie.  If I could live on a diet of good bread and cheese I totally would.  I prefer summer to winter (ugh snow).  I’m kind of a neat freak so working with 2 babies everyday keeps me quite humble.  My guilty pleasures are The Bachelor (and live texting with Lisa the whole time) and Scandal (#teamjake).
Above all though, I love Jesus.  I strive to follow Him every day.  My hope and prayer is that Kindred Creativity will always glorify Him.



Lisa (aka the Design Diva)

Hello Kindred Spirits! I’m Lisa, and I currently live in the beautiful town of Franklin, TN, just south of Nashville. I work full-time as a Creative Director for a marketing company and part-time convincing Rachel to move down to TN. I also work a lot of freelance design projects for weddings and small business branding.

Some of my favorite things include Reality TV (The Bachelor of course), a good red, and all things music. Besides those favorites, there is also Parker. He is my best friend, partner in crime, and love of my life (aka the hubs).

God has blessed me with a joy for creation and creating. He is so good, and I am thankful each and every day for His blessings.



-Props to the lovely Ashley Edmunds for our photos, she is amazing!-