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DIY Terrarium

Hey Kindred Spirits!

It is spring, and one of the things we love the most about this season is the new growth and the beautiful blooms.
Want to bring some of that living goodness into your place, without a lot of the dirty work?

Here is an easy five step DIY project that your can add to your desk at work our your window at home.

What you will need:

-charcoal chips
-sphagnum moss (also known as dry moss)
-decorative rocks (optional)

Step One: Simply put a layer of pebbles or rocks mixed with charcoal chips in the base of your container.
Step Two: Add a second layer of the moss and a third layer of soil (this should be your thickest layer and should stop just below the lip of your tray).
Step Three: Map out and plant your succulents. We suggest purchasing a mixture of tall and short succulents to give it some depth. After planting, make sure to bury any roots in the soil.
Step Four: Any any decorative rocks to the top of your soil.
Step Five: Water your terrarium very lightly as it will be recycling water, and then place it near a window so it gets some sun, and you are done!

If you want to skip a lot of that guesswork, and extra supplies, here is this kit from Amazon that makes it incredibly easy, and all you need is the glass container.
We found some cute ones at Hobby Lobby, and bonus points for using their 40% coupon!


DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium
DIY Terrarium

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