Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites | 7.22.16

Hey Kindred Spirits!  Happy Sunday 🙂  I know, I know it’s a Friday Faves post but I was too busy enjoying some much needed family time so a little Sunday Favorites it is.



NEEDTOBREATHE came out with a new album this week called H A R D L O V E and it is superb.  I think my favorite song right now is Be Here Long but I love pretty much everything they produce so it’s hard to say for sure.  It’s a must listen!


Beach Reads


I basically read beach reads all year round, but most of the new reads come out during the summertime aka my books to read list just got way longer.  I just flew through a book by Taylor Jenkins Read called Maybe in Another Life and it was so so good.  It’s been making me think a lot about how the little decisions we make can have big impacts that we don’t even realize.  If you’re into beach reads it’s a definite must.  And check out PopSugar’s list of must reads for this summer.



The Bachelorette

Okay so I was totally #teamrobby for the last few weeks and then after watching hometown dates, I immediately switched to #teamluke.    Also I got pretty deep into Reality Steve’s blog and he didn’t have very good things to say about Robby or Jordan (shocker of the century).  Anyway, I’m pretty sure Luke’s still a goner so I’m now rooting for him to be the next bachelor.  And a new promo came out for Bachelor in Paradise.  Pumped.



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Let’s talk about Stitch Fix.  It’s been a great way for me to find a few new unique pieces for my wardrobe plus it’s like Christmas every time I get a new fix.  Here’s how it works:  You fill out a profile with your sizing and clothing likes and dislikes, and add any pinterest boards.  When you schedule a fix, you are assigned a stylist who will send you 5 items (I always request tops and dresses only, but they also do pants, skirts, jewelry, shoes, and bags).  I schedule one about once a season, which works great for my wardrobe and my wallet.  You are not required to keep anything they send you, but you get a discount if you keep everything.  It’s a great service and if you want to schedule a fix, use my referral code (please and thanks!).

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