Painted Cork Coasters | DIY

Hello Kindred Spirits!

Can you believe it’s already July?  I’m still convinced that it’s the beginning on June and have the whole summer ahead of me but summer is halfway over!  Today we’re sharing a fun and simple DIY: painted cork coasters!



Cork Coasters
Acrylic Craft Paint–any of your favorite colors (we chose Martha Stewart’s brand of white, black, gold, copper, and light blue)
Sponge and/or paint Brushes
Painters Tape


For geometric patterns:

  1. Set up painters tape in your desired pattern on the coaster.  You can cut the painters tape in half for thinner lines.  Get creative!  Make sure to press the tape hard into cork so no paint will bleed through.
  2. Paint!   Do a few coats for better color quality.
  3. Once dry to the touch, gently peel off tape slowly and gently so you don’t peel the paint.


For freeform patterns:

  1. Using sponge brushes–We used the sponge brush to make gold polka dot coasters.
  2. Using paint brushes–This allows you to be a little more creative.  Rachel used her paint brushes to write different words such as “joy, love, and pause” to create encouragement coasters.  Lisa used hers to create freeform geometric coasters.  Get creative!
  3. You will need to do a few coats for better color quality.


Have fun creating! And be sure to share your photos on instagram with the hashtag #kindredcreativity for a chance to be featured on our profile–we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

-Lisa & Rachel

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